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Just days after we ran the story that Bebe Cool had flown his wife Zuena and children to US for holiday, we received a call from one of Bebe’s friends who told us a little more than we knew.

The source told us that Zuena is pregnant. “She (Zuena) is four months pregnant and she wants to deliver in the US,” the source told us.

The source further revealed that Bebe’s mum who runs a day care in Boston demanded that Zuena lives with her. “She (Bebe’s mum) summoned Zuena with an intention of preventing any likely problems that might arise out of Bebe’s late nights yet Zuena will be home all the time,” the source said.

Bebe refused to comment on the matter claiming he was too busy with the Chacka Demus & Pliers show.
All the best Zuena!

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