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No rice, no cry for Sevo

President Museveni

President Museveni

Warning: you should never invite to your event and bother serving him rice for a meal. He hates rice plus all the other exotic foods. And we’re not making up this story, folks. The country’s top man, while presiding over the launch of Igongo Cultural Centre in Mbarara on Friday, sent crowds into laughter when he said that his last rice meal was 30 years ago in Tanzania.

“I don’t eat rice, I eat kalo (millet),” he said attracting a rapturous applause from the audience. “Rice is not even worth it because it only contains carbohydrates yet my kalo will give me proteins, carbohydrates and iron.”

The President was emphasising the need for Banyankore and all Ugandans to not only respect their cultures but to also stick to their local food “because it is the best”.

He said he always travels with his local dishes to wherever he goes and you will never find him feasting on “useless” food like some of the people he knows.

Still wondering why some people call him “baby face”?

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