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Mr Uganda takes on bouncer gig

Africa champion Ivan Byekwaso

Africa champion Ivan Byekwaso

Ahead of her introduction last weekend, South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hussein pulled a new stunt. She hit different hangouts with two bouncers. Forget the usual unknown bouncers, Zari had Ange Noir discotheque longtime serving bouncer identified as Hassan and Mr Uganda also muscle-mania Africa champion Ivan Byekwaso standing on guard wherever she went.

She started off at Club Rouge and later headed to Silk Lounge. And although he was a bouncer, Byekwaso seemed to attract equal attention as his boss of the night. Many people walked to Byekwaso and requested to say hi while several ladies posed for pictures with the continental super body builder.

Several onlookers were heard asking why Byekwaso was not in the US where he was supposed to compete at an international body building stage. Others thought out loud that Ivan offering bouncer services to Zari was stooping low. “He’s an African champion and the best he can do is to guard a socialite? It’s too belittling,” said a female reveller.

When asked why he was not in the US, Byekwaso who didn’t seem a bit bothered by his job for the night, sadly told us that he failed to raise money for the ticket and he didn’t have immediate sponsors to extend a helping hand!

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