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Did Ghetto Prezzo quit alcohol?

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Sometime last year, Bobi Wine did a rendition of the late Paul Kafeero’s Dipo Nazigala that he named his Dipo ze Sada. In the song Bobi denounced smoking marijuana and even cautioned his ghetto people to resist drug abuse. However we are not very sure if Bobi practices what he preached in the song. Sources close to Bobi tell us that the singer still enjoys puffing on the green grass.

Well away from the weed, Bobi shocked several of his fans when he posted on his Facebook wall that he was celebrating his first anniversary of an alcohol-free life.

Yes, the Matyansi Butyampa singer alleged that he has been off alcohol for a year. “Today, am celebrating my first anniversary as an alcohol free man, I took the decision to quit the bottle as a joke but today it’s a year,” read part of Bobi’s post on his wall.

Shocked? Yes, we were too! But the last statement of the post clearly showed that the singer was just playing with our minds “…Hmm oba I go and celebrate it with a ka glass of wine?” read the last part of the post. Seriously? So Bobi decided to celebrate an alcohol-free year with alcohol?

Besides when contacted, most of his close allies laughed the subject off, “The man still loves his Guinness!” said one of the sources close to the singer!

Nevertheless, it’s a nice gospel to his fans and like they say, “Do as I say but not as I do!”

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