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Fashion tip: Stylish in 2012

Stylish in 2012

Stylish in 2012

Fashion styles come and go. A new year is upon us and new trends will come up, here is how to remain timelessly stylish.

A good number of us love and are awed by this thing called fashion. And as we embrace the New Year we are anticipating the unleashing of newer trends to add all the oomph to our wardrobes, right?

However, I would like us to reflect on the ending year, the persistent mistakes made in embracing trendy styles, how to correct them with the following tips and make dressing up more fun come 2012.

Know what works for you: This is one rule that has been emphasised overtime, hence it can be irritating to see one breaking it repeatedly. It does not matter how expensive a cloth might be or how trendy it might appear, if it does not work for one’s body type, they ought to keep away from it. Instead, one should find something flattering that shall not only look good on them, but will also boost their confidence while accentuating their positives.

Get creative: Just like the designers put their creative minds together to come up with an outfit, so should the wearer. A creative mind can always add personality to an ensemble, which makes dressing up a fun activity.

This can be done with the right type of accessories, paying extra detail to previous trends, borrowing a leaf from fashion magazines, fashion channels and above all, incorporating that particular fashion in which one is most comfortable.

Mix and match: Mixing and matching different pieces of cloth, is the in- thing and it might last for a lifetime. It does not only allow one to work on a budget but it can also make an old piece seem newer just by wearing it in a different way.

Even in the coming year, carry this trick along to appear unique and trendy even for a lesser amount.
Do not over-do it: Fashion is not all about having an exaggerated look. With the many trends that keep cropping up, one might get overwhelmed and choose to wear it all at the same time. Always remember that sometimes less can be more, so choose to wear one trend at a time.

Keep it decent: Choose the ideal fitting clothes to make heads turn. Work with different pieces to appear classy, decent and not trashy.

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