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The music video: Mwami Sentema by Rabadaba

He was one of the artistes that had one hell of a successful 2010! He literally was everywhere, in your local kafunda right down to the discotheques, Rabadaba had the city on lock. If you had a party or fuction and the DJ didn’t drop a Rabadaba joint, then that party wasn’t the s**t!

Fast forward to 2011 and the dude hasn’t slept on his laurels (Oba has Michael Ross clicked that line!?) Okay, to put it in layman’s English, the guy has come back with that same hunger and energy he had in 2010 and Mwami Sentema, his latest release, is proof that the dude is back. It’s as grimy as all his hits and it has a hot video to match.

Shot by a new cat in the video business straight from UK called Jim Resley under his company Video Factory, from two locations, the Old Taxi Park and Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi, the video is huge on colour, location and angles. However it’s the employment of one of the signature styles of the legendary music director Hype Williams that comprises placing shots in regular widescreen ratio, while the second shot is split and placed in the upper and lower bars, that makes Mwami Sentema a good look.

This technique is not widely used by many music video directors. The dudes of Swangz Avenue are the only cats that employ it. This style always gives a video a different look to it. It makes the video have an “international” feel.

Good song. Good video.

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