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Straka planning make up show with Sizzaman

She never runs out of surprises! Yes, we are talking about Straka Mwezi. You can’t disagree if you have been watching her hairstyles for the past four years! And one of her latest surprises surfaced when she hit studios to record a song hitting at former lover Sizzaman. But before we could even get to listen to Straka’s song, the chubby TV host has changed plans.

As you read this, Straka is busy trying to get Sizzaman to a round table so that they discuss some business. According to a source close to Sizzaman, Straka called the singer a few days ago and told him that she wants to hold a Sizzaman-Straka reconciliation bash.

“Sizzaman has refused to respond to any of Straka’s text messages and calls but Straka still calls him on a daily basis,” the source said. During his recently concluded Unplugged show, Sizzaman spelt it out clearly that he doesn’t have anything with Straka and doesn’t plan to deal with the Late Show presenter any time soon! Over to you Straka!

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