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Movie Star: AK47, Chameleone and Atlas

You need an imaginative and experienced head around you if you’re to juggle different music genres on one track; and that is what Jose Chameleone brought to the table while doing the song Movie Star featuring hip-hoper Atlas and dancehall artiste AK47.

Movie Star is a fun, mid-tempo hip-hop track which traverses ragga and dancehall genres too. Many will agree with me that no one in Uganda can give you a chorus better than Chameleone and that’s perhaps the reason he is the main voice on the Movie Star chorus despite his raspy vocals.

Whatever you may think about Chameleone, he is very good at demanding that you listen to what he has to say, even if he has to hurt you in order to do it; he lends Movie Star a lovely chorus which will have even those who hate him nodding. Atlas gives the song a swaggering and finger-wagging slant in affirmation of most hip-hopers’ self-importance. Actually, the song comes off as if to say, “I’m here to enjoy what the world has to offer, so deal with it!”

AK47 comes in with two big dancehall verses well laid on a funky and ‘sick’ beat.
This is one song which will have many throwing their hands in the air whilst some might choose to thump their chests in a sing-along fashion.
Four out of five, for me!

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