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Cindy confirms pregnancy

Cindy is on cloud nine and she claims her hubby Mario is even on a higher cloud following confirmation that they will be having their first baby this year. We stumbled upon Cindy looking bulgy and happy at Boda-Boda over the weekend and she was upbeat about the whole thing of pregnancy.

“He (Mario) is very excited,” she said. “He is telling everybody about the baby. He is always finding an excuse to tell the people around him.” Cindy herself is also cheerful despite a few niggling things like performing with a heavy belly.

“It’s a funny feeling of course because you feel heavy,” she said. “It’s hard to turn and I am always looking for better and comfortable sleeping positions. But it is exciting and our love (with Mario) has even gone stronger.”
Meanwhile, Cindy is shooting the video of her latest song Total Satisfaction and she has promised to deliver the message on the screen directly.

“Nobody has ever done a video while pregnant but that is what I am doing and hope it turns out best,” she added. “The song is about my condition now and I’m celebrating the fruits of my love to Mario, which is this baby.”

Cindy couldn’t reveal how old her “condition” is but confirmed that delivery will be this year. We’re looking at the possible presents to would-be new mother. Suggestions should be sent to our facebook and twitter accounts.

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