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  • Fashion & Beauty
    App: Dolphin browser

    If you are an Android user, you have probably already been introduced to the world of replacement web browsers. There are...

    Joash YoseApril 22, 2016
  • Fashion & Beauty
    Gadget: Samsung TabPro S

    Today tech companies are coming up with innovations that are targetted at replacing the laptop craze. Windows gave us the surface...

    — Joash YoseApril 8, 2016
  • App: Define

    Think about how much time you spend reading on your smartphone. Even if you are a bookworm, chances are you will...

    Fashion & Beauty Joash YoseApril 1, 2016
  • Gadget: iPad Pro 9.7

    The iPad pro 9.7 derives its name from the size of the screen. This is the latest gadget from the Apple...

    Fashion & BeautyJoash YoseApril 1, 2016