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Platform heels are back

GETTING IT RIGHT. The easiest and best way to pull these off is going to be with your little black dress.


During my school days, there was always something new and fresh to look forward to with each return to school. And in my second year of high school, there was one particular fashion trend that took over our girl’s dormitory like a storm, and I believe elsewhere as well. Platform heels have been around for a minute, but with the just-concluded fashion season, the raised footwear made a major return, making appearances in numerous showcases, including Versace.

Platform heels, especially the ones in this upcoming fashion season can be quite chic and statement, depending on how well you style them into your ensemble. And in case you needed any further affirmation of this, superstar and style icon Beyoncé has been seen rocking these! And styling them isn’t as mind spinning as you think.

Pull out that LBD
Just like Queen B, the easiest and best way to pull these off is going to be with your little black dress. This is a win because this allows you to have a stunning look, all the while letting your platforms stand out, especially if you wear them in a popping shade. The dress you choose is your choice. All you have to do is make sure it is good enough to compliment your shoes and not overshadow them.

Wear them with your shorts
I personally think these shoes were made for walking and showing off those gorgeous legs. And what better way to do this than style them with your short shorts? If you find this too revealing, you have the option of adding stockings to the look for a stylish cover up. Add a stunning top to your shorts, such as a turtle neck or something with a collar and you are good to go.

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