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Bebe Cool releases new track – Nsilikamu

Musician Bebe Cool put a halt on his performances especially in Uganda after he was chased off the stage while he was performing at the Swangz Avenue 10-year music celebrations on August 31st.

He promised that he would not be performing until further notice. He received even more hate messages from the public, but typical of Bebe Cool, he had something up his sleeve and yesterday he released both audio and video of his new track titled Nsilikamu.

Different from other Bebe Cool songs, Nsilikamu is a song that calls upon Ugandans to stay calm and be united.

“We met in Kampala/Uganda , we worked in Kampala/Uganda , became big in Kampala/Uganda , we made a life in Kampala/Uganda, we are now loved and praised in Kampala/Uganda, we must also love, protect and praise Kampala/Uganda no matter how little it has for us because we have managed to become who we are.

Let’s teach the young generation what we did, how we did it to become better people,” Bebe Cool states in the first verse of the song.

He further adds that the world would be a better place if people worked together.

In the video which was shot by Sasha Vybz, Bebe Cool first portrays the achievements of the NRM party.

However, it is the unity of the different political parties that make the video interesting. He uses people and video vixens who are wearing different party colors such as yellow for NRM, Blue for FDC and Red for the People Power movement. They are seen shaking hands and playing together and also reconciling with the police.

Could this be a sign that Bebe Cool has given in to pressure knowing that he’s an ardent supporter of the ruling party? We are yet to find out.

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