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The DVD: Repo Men

For starters, if you are faint hearted, stay away from this one. It is creepy and bloody in the real sense of the word. And it is not like it is horrific in a way that it will give you goose bumps, no it will jump right to the point of freaking you out. It is about a company in the near future that offers artificial organs to people on credit. This includes everything from the heart, kidney to the liver. Once rented, you are required to pay a certain amount of money and if you don’t, with the use of a machine, you are smoked out and killed to get the artificial organ back. It is this company that Remy (Jude Law) father of one works for but his wife hates. He collects the organs from defaulters and kills them while at it. When his heart is damaged and he defaults payment, it hits him just how bad his job is. But former colleague (Forest Whittaker) is haunting for him to get the organ back. Pay attention to the ending, you may want to rewind to click. That twist gives you more reason to watch, it is always good when a movie plot is not too straight forward.

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