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P-Unit’s Frasha injured in carjack

One of the P-Unit group members Frasha was left emotionally wrecked after carjackers beat him for dead recently.

The rapper who recently performed with his groupmates in Kampala was kidnapped while leaving Office Pub on Mombasa Road in Nairobi with the carjackers entering his car and ordering him to drive them.
He told newsmen in Nairobi that they drove around for over an hour until the car ran out of fuel and they dumped him. Frasha also says that the thugs took off with lots of his property plus cash.

The thugs also told him to drive to the ATM and withdraw money for them but he jammed, lying that he doesn’t use ATM cards, something which infuriated them. They beat him up and he had to be hospitalised for two days. However, the singer has had a steady recovery and Nairobi police has taken up investigations into the case as carjacking cases rise in the Kenyan capital.

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