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Five times Mowzey Radio has been involved in fights




Mowzey Radio

The chaotic Mowzey Radio

If  you have been an ardent follower of Uganda’s music industry, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Mowzey Radio was involved in a bar brawl on Monday morning that left him hospitalized.

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Although many women, after listening to his songs, think he is a gentle and romantic chap, the hot-tempered singer has started and engaged in various uncalled for fights.

He hasn’t limited his altercations to musicians but also stretches them to the police, event managers and ordinary people. Among the many we know, we have decided to present to you only five times he has been involved in fights.

With Club Guvnor

Radio (L) and Weasel (R)

In 2008 and 2009 Radio and Weasel where arguably the best musicians in Uganda with songs like Bread and Butter. The artistes who thought they had made it wanted VIP treatment everywhere they went and many times caused commotion in certain bars. One night, while partying at Angenoir (now called Club Guvnor) they started a mini brawl. With its strict rules and regulations, the duo was banned from the club for not less than six months. In retaliation, they released a song, Kidulakyo, which was hitting back at the club.

With Khalifa Aganaga

Khalifa Aganaga is close to the Goodlyf crew and in fact, they have a song together titled Gudi Gude. But before that things were not so rosy. In 2015, the artistes were at loggerheads and one evening, while at Hi Table, Radio thumped Khalifa Aganaga for throwing jibes at them during his performance that night.  Khalifa Aganaga had also accused the GoodLyf singers of stealing the instrumental to his Ndabilawa hit to come up with their chart buster Amaaso. Thank God they put that behind him. Gudi Gude was done in celebration of their reconciliation.

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Khalifa Aganaga has also fought with Mowzey Radio. COURTESY PHOTOS

With Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool has had an on and off friendship with Goodlyf since time immemorial. From physical to verbal fights, the singers have tussled it out. From the many incidences they have fought, we have decided to point out one scenario when Bebe beat them at Effendys bar in Centenary park. Shortly after the scuffle, Bebe Cool was shot in the legs by a security personnel. It is not clear if the Goodlyf crew had something to do with the shooting. The artistes have since moved on from fist fights and are nowadays using verbal exchanges.

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Bebe cool

Bebe Cool has been involved in both Physical and verbal wars with Radio.

With Jeff Kiwa

Famous artistes’ manager Jeff Kiwa was responsible for making the goodlyf what it is today. He took them out of Chameleone’s wings and made them independent for years. The Goodlyf crew however fell out with their mentor and their break up involved serious blows after they accused him of occupying on their property at their Neverland home. In 2014, the duo ganged up with Pallaso (brother to Weasel) against Kiwa at Casablanca and beat him up. They continued the beef by going to Kiwa’s home in Makindye and beating up his security guard.

Former Goodlyf Manager, Jeff Kiwa also suffered at the hands of Mowzey Radio.

With the Traffic police

Last year, a video clip emerged when a certain man was fighting with a traffic officer in Nsambya. On looking closer, it was Mowzey Radio. It was rumored that he was resisting arrest yet he was drunk driving. The fight happened at around midday and a shirtless Radio was seen pushing and pulling the officer until he jumped on a boda boda and ran away.

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