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Four One One

I want a child in three years-Sheeba

Singer Sheebah Karungi at her press conference recently. PHOTOS BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding Sheeba Karungi’s music career lately with some claiming she is dating her manager Jeff Kiwa and that he moved in with her. The artiste who has her concert this evening, clears the air.

If you are ever to settle down, which kind of partner would you be with?
I do not think that is something I have ever thought about but I would want to settle down with someone who is respectful, supportive and a friend – someone who really understands me.

Is this why you moved in with Jeff? Is he the kind of man you would want to spend the rest of your life with?
How can an artiste and a manager move in together? I stay in Buziga, he stays in Bunga. The day I will decide to get someone and I need you to know, I will let you know.

What is your take on beef in the music industry?
I have never believed in beef. It does not make sense. I am a woman who is also a feminist. I support women. I have been blessed in my own way and other women have also been blessed in their own way. I want this industry to be dominated by women.

Many people are saying Vinka is giving you a run for your money.
I support her and I wish her luck in her career. She has her own path and so do I.

Who is your favourite female artiste right now?
I like Winnie Nwangi. The fact that she stays true to herself. Many people have tried to bring her down but she has remained strong.

Where do you see yourself three years from now?
I do not want music to be my only source of income. I want to have three businesses and then a child, maybe.

Just a child?
I do not want many children. I believe I will not have much time them and that would be selfish. I want to dedicate my time to that one child.

How has Sheebah changed over the years?
I cannot be the same every year. I keep changing. I want to learn and become better every year. You cannot compare the Sheebah in Obsessions and the Sheebah of today. My brain keeps growing and so does my music.

Why did you name this concert Omwooyo?
Ugandans have a tendency of thinking that a hit is supposed to be the name of the concert. We are trying to do things differently so that the industry changes. The song that is being launched has to be new. That is the whole idea but because it is new to Ugandans, people are not used. So we are setting the trend now. There are songs that are hits on this album such as Wankona.

With all the success, aren’t you past holding concerts at Africana?
Everything that happens in life happens for a reason. Before anything else, the safety of my fans matters most. Yes we would have gone to cricket oval or any bigger place but I chose Africana because I have worked from there before and I felt safe.

But Africana had sealed off their space for concerts. How did you manage to convince them?
I had respected the seal off and I had even announced another venue for this concert but then management told us that they would be willing to have us perform there. That is how God works.

You just mentioned God, do you pray?
My belief is between me and my God. I do not know Christianity or Islam but I believe in God.

What have you learnt in the industry?
I have learnt that the industry is not easy, especially if you become successful. The more your name grows, the more some people try to pull you down. The industry has also taught me to be patient, focused and never forget where I come from. To also be humble and hungry for more success.

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