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The real rich kids of Uganda

Clockwise: Lucy Bunyenyezi , Nataliey Patricia Bitature, Ngyenzi Nunu Mugyenyi, Liz Kakooza, Rajiv Ruparelia,Prince Jjunju, Siki Kigongo, Gloria Wavamunno

THE GOOD LIFE: Forget the slay queens/cartoons on Instagram and all these wannabes on your timeline. There are actual rich kids living the good life, and although many of them have their parents to thank for the foundation, some of these kids have actually earned their good life. Carolyne B. Atangaza writes.

Rich kids the world over have had to live with stereotypes such as being lazy, entitled, snobbish and showy. While this stereotype might apply to quite a substantial number of them, there are some who are exceptions to the rule.

Today we profile this special group of rich kids who are also doing their personal hustles and chasing careers irrespective of their parents’ wealth.

True they may have trendy lifestyles; travelling to exotic locations at a drop of the hat, carrying around the latest gadgets, driving posh cars and their monthly rents might be equivalent to a university’s yearly tuition and party like it is going out of style but they are also very enterprising.

Lucy Bunyenyezi

The intelligent and charming Bunyenyezi, famous for her fashionable Instagram account is a perfect example of the rich kid not afraid to make her own money the best way she knows how.

Asked how much she makes a month, the London-educated model, actress (Beneath the Lies) and blogger firmly declines to comment, saying she does not discuss money and her family’s possession as a rule.

But we know that her monthly expenditure must be more than your average midlevel manager makes, if her trendy wardrobe and frequent travels are anything to go by. Currently the gorgeous Bunyenyezi is doing a lot of internal touring shooting videos for her vlog.

She comes from a very wealthy and enterprising background. Her father, businessman Ezra Bunyenyezi is the director of security firm Security 2000 and was one of the first people to invest in travel, opening up Uganda Travel Bureau, a flourishing Tour and Travel Company of the 1970s and 80s.

Nataliey Patricia Bitature

Bitature is smart, driven and humble. Born on October 28, 1989 at Paddington Hospital, London to Patrick and Carol Bitature, the stunning entrepreneur grew up in Kampala and attended school in South Africa for a year before moving back to England to complete the rest of her education.

She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Education from Keele University. Before innovation took over, she worked as the chief business development officer for Tateru Properties and Handy256Men Uganda.

She is hailed as one of the most inspirational women in African for her Musana Cart, an environmentally-friendly, solar-powered vending cart. Each cart, according to Bitature, saves 3,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and improves the health of cities by eliminating pollution from charcoal and kerosene stoves.

Ngyenzi Nunu Mugyenyi

Save for the accent, Bold Kampala founder Nunu looks like any other attractive, fashionable Ugandan girl. Up close, there is nothing average about Nunu, in addition to her wealthy background; her commitment and hunger to succeed makes most Kampala entrepreneurs seem like jokers.

With her three partners, she has turned Bold Kampala into an award-winning retail outlet, housing more than 30 clothing and accessory brands from six different African countries.

Bold Kampala is a platform designed specifically for African entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Nunu probably inherited her business shrewdness from her mother Mary Mugyenyi, a retired politician and businesswoman, and father former Bank of Uganda Governor Joshua A Mugyenyi.

She credits this background for inspiring her entrepreneurial journey.

Gloria Wavamunno
Born in London, Wavamunno was raised between London and Kampala. Having been inspired by mother Morine Wavamunno, a fashion designer in her own right, Gloria’s approach to fashion is more contemporary and more global.

As a daughter to one of the wealthiest men in Uganda, Gordon Wavamunno of Wava Group of companies gave Gloria an opportunity to attend exclusive schools such as Kampala International School Uganda, later graduating with a degree in fashion, design and marketing business from a university in London, UK.

She has participated in fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Johannesburg. She held the first edition of Kampala Fashion Week in 2014 and her brand continues to achieve popularity all over the continent.

Haruna Mwanga
Mwanga comes off as a very polished, well-educated intelligent man with strong filial bonds. Most people outside the rich circles might not have heard of Mwanga because he tends to keep close to home. However, in a crowd of monied people, he stands out with his extra sharp suits and designer shoes.

Officially, he is Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige’s assistant, confidante, sounding board and advisor on everything modern and trendy.

Alexander Akandwanaho
Gen. Salim Saleh’s first born is the youngest Ugandan to ever own an airline. Back in the 90s when he was just a minor, Akandwanaho and his mother Jovial Saleh owned their own airline aptly named Air Alexander.

Decades later, a grown-up Akandwanaho is known in Kampala social circles for his hard partying lifestyle and fast posh cars.

Although he has various business interests, currently he seems to have heeded his father’s rallying cry for farming and started his own poultry farm.

Liz Kakooza
Liz Kakooza is a bubbly, articulate and fiercely focused daughter of Justice Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza, the Inspector General of Government.

She is a World Economic Global Shaper for Uganda and currently serves as the curator for The Kampala Hub. She is also a YALI Fellow 2017 and a LéO Africa Institute YELP Fellow.

She is the founder and executive director of The Tumaini Foundation which she believes will address the mental health crisis by changing perceptions as a stepping stone to improvement of health care services on the continent.

Prince Jjunju
Prince Crispin Jjunju Kiwewa is the first born son of the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and Lady Venetia Sebudandi, Rwanda’s former High Commissioner to India.

Prince Jjunju is a big mover and shaker in Ugandan society. He attended King’s College Budo Junior School, Kabinja, King’s College, Budo, Monkton Combe School, Bath, Somserset, and The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he was commissioned as 2nd-Lieut Uganda Army. He has been ADC to Kabaka Mutebi II since 2009.

Siki Kigongo
The gorgeous daughter of the National Resistance Movement Vice Chairman Al Hajji Moses Saku Kigongo and Uganda National Chamber of Commerce boss Olive Zaitun Kigongo, breathes and lives entrepreneurship.

Her family’s wealthy position is not lost on her, but unlike others who would just choose to live off what is already in the bank, she chooses to invest in things that are closest to her heart.

A self-confessed cosmetic fanatic, Kigongo’s return to Uganda after attending London School of Economics left her shocked at the dismal offerings in the shops and supermarkets.

The result was Amagara Skincare which has since expanded from body lotions to include shampoos, shower gels and organic hair oil products.

Rajiv Ruparelia
This one needs no introduction and on this list, his name is cliché, but again a Kampala rich kids list would not be complete without a Ruparelia because, let us accept they are wealthy.

If we are to go by appearances, then the party-loving Rajiv is being groomed to take over the Ruparelia vast empire.

So far, he has taken up managerial roles in the family empire alongside his sister, which includes hospitality, real estate and education sectors.