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  • Features
    Women who are keeping it lit in entertainment

    WADING THROUGH: Even when the entertainment industry in Uganda has always been a free exit and entrance, it has never been...

    Job BwireMarch 8, 2019
  • Four One One
    If women were running the world…

    WOMAN: “Who runs the world?…girls” That is a line from one of Beyonce’s popular songs and I bet many women are...

    Job BwireMarch 8, 2019
  • Four One One
    Females fighting back with dance

    DANCING AWAY: They say there are different ways of putting out a message, and for the RVC dancers, the issues affecting...

    ANDREW KAGGWAMarch 1, 2019
  • Features
    Let’s talk about women’s hair… how men like it

    NOT MY HAIR: One of the things that define a woman’s style is their hair. Women spend lots of money on...

    Lawrence OgwalNovember 16, 2018
  • Audio Visual
    The DVD : In the land of women

    Because a good number of men have failed to figure out women’s characteristics and what they want, they turn to sour...

    Brenda BanuraSeptember 21, 2012