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  • Four One One
    Ugandan film wins in Nigeria

    By now, the team behind The Forbidden may have come to terms with the fact that they got many things right...

    ANDREW KAGGWAJuly 8, 2018
  • News
    Amakula brings African cinema to Kampala

    The eleventh edition of the Amakula International Film Festival on March 14 kicked off at the Kampala Film School in Ggaba....

    Andrew KaggwaMarch 16, 2018
  • Events
    Uganda Museum to host drive-in cinema event

    It is said that before war socially disrupted Ugandan’s ways of living, Kampala had become East Africa’s leisure capital city. Of...

    sqoopadminMarch 12, 2018
  • Features
    Why there is no place like Wakanda

    #WakandaForever. This hashtag has taken over our timelines and statuses this past week. This Black Panther phenomenon may seem like overrated...

    Grace KenganziFebruary 24, 2018
  • Columnists
    How to be our Hollywood homeboy Daniel Kaluuya

    Wikipedia has no shame surely.It classifies Daniel Kaluuya as an English actor. It outrightly cut out generations of Ugandan heritage simply...

    IAN FORD NKERAFebruary 23, 2018