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    Every local TV presenter wants to be like Straka

    Remember the Late Show days? Yes… the time when Straka as in Baiiibbeee gave a firm new meaning to local TV...

    Connie NankyaMarch 29, 2013
  • And here come the music video launches

    At first we had the album launches which were all the rage but eventually became stale plot. “Phew! Good bye to...

    ColumnistsConnie NankyaMarch 22, 2013
  • Do something

    The other day, on one of the local TV stations, I watched a clip of a young school girl who at...

    ColumnistsConnie NankyaMarch 15, 2013
  • Play within your league guys

    You want to make that first bold step to last a lifetime. You think about all options, pick-up lines (which most...

    ColumnistsConnie NankyaMarch 8, 2013
  • Cops are arresting drunk drivers for showbiz?

    I still insist that when it comes to getting excited over activities as they happen, my country takes the lead. I...

    ColumnistsConnie NankyaMarch 1, 2013