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  • Monica and Brandy in new duet

    14 years after Monica and Brandy released the 1998 hit The Boy is Mine, the singers have put something new on...

    sqoopadminFebruary 10, 2012
  • Karuhanga: The young political turk

    young turk.  At 28, Gerald Karuhanga has made himself a name as a whistle blower on corruption. The young MP who...

    sqoopadminFebruary 10, 2012
  • Sheila Nabunya meets singer Remah

    (Remah and Sheila met at Virgin Island in Bugolobi and shared girl secrets, lies, make up and boyfriend stories) Hi sweety....

    Jonathan KabugoFebruary 10, 2012
  • Ride: HTC Desire HD

    With its huge cinematic screen and high fidelity sound, the HTC Desire HD gives you a breathtaking internet browsing experience. You...

    sqoop writerFebruary 3, 2012
  • Fashion tip

    Peplums. It is a chic way for plus size ladies to dress up and also for the skinny ladies to appear...

    Connie NankyaFebruary 3, 2012