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  • Kalumba

    1Aren’t savedees at-times confusing?  You see a savedee sister with a sticker on her car that reads, “If you haven’t yet...

    ROBERT KALUMBAApril 8, 2011
  • Mind your dressing girls

    What is it with the crazy dress codes that certain girls have embraced for their nights out? I understand, gone are...

    CONNIE NANKYAApril 8, 2011
  • Kalumba

    1.Let’s play a game called truth or dare. Ok. I dare Bebe Cool to explain to us what his name exactly...

    ROBERT KALUMBAMarch 11, 2011
  • Flattery doesn’t cut it

    CONNIE’S TIFFS I think we can all agree on this. Boy and girl talk can be quite interesting to listen to...

    CONNIE NANKYAMarch 11, 2011