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  • Nemedeko: Red Banton

    the music video It’s actually a good song, the kind that can have you break a leg after downing a good...

    ROBERT KALUMBAApril 15, 2011
  • Up and Down: – Obsessions and Nutty Boi

    TRACK I have always known Jackie Tusiime as a sexually confident tough girl and my postulation is practically summarised in the...

  • Accidental Husband

    THE DVD Whenever there’s a vengeance mission, people get hurt especially when it concerns matters of the heart. But New York...

    BRENDA BANURAApril 15, 2011
  • THE MOVIE: Roommate

    Title: Roommate Starring: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Daneel Harris, Cam Gigandet, Sharon Leal and Katerina Graham Director: Christian E. Christiansen Script...

    EDGAR R. BATTEApril 15, 2011
  • Fool proof

    If you’ve been hungry for an intellectual flick then this right here is what you have been hunting for. Just like...

    BRENDA BANURAApril 8, 2011