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  • The DVD: Before Sunset

    This needs you to listen carefully as the diction is fantastic thanks to a good movie script. The setting is also...

    Brenda BanuraFebruary 17, 2012
  • The music video: Valu Valu Chameleone

    If there is an artiste in Uganda that tries their best In terms of releasing a video worth their status then...

    Robert KalumbaFebruary 15, 2012
  • The movie : The Descendants

    Starring: George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Judy Greer, Matthew Lillard and Beau Bridges Director: Alexander Payne Genre: Comedy/drama Running time: 115 minutes...

    Edgar R. BatteFebruary 15, 2012
  • The DVD :Wild target

    Victor (Bill Nighy) is a professional hit man who doesn’t know his sexuality and has never been with a woman before....

    Brenda BanuraFebruary 10, 2012
  • The track :Hold on: Toniks, OS, Keko & Data

    Behaviour change organisations have for a long time hired popular musicians to compose and record songs with positive lyrics, which then...

    — John K. AbimanyiFebruary 10, 2012