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    • Acute Angle
      Embracing my roots with pride

      You will hate to believe it, but yes, I can now identify as a ‘summer’. Not your conventional one. My skin...

      IAN FORD NKERAOctober 11, 2019
    • Acute Angle
       “I only fear God…” Lol

      Never heard a more misguided threat than this in my life. And no, it does not come alone. There is normally...

      IAN FORD NKERASeptember 20, 2019
    • Acute Angle
      Parte, Parte, after parte

      Like honestly, when do you rest? August alone was a kidongo bonanza with artistes pouring in from every point of the...

      IAN FORD NKERASeptember 13, 2019
    • Acute Angle
      Kenzo this, Rema that

      What a week for the social media relationship analysts/counsellors! These guys have the ‘full details’ and all the analogies you can...

      IAN FORD NKERASeptember 6, 2019
    • Acute Angle
      Ssuubi, a case of metallic fortunes…

      Always thought a ‘metallic case’ was high school’s biggest scam. Strangely, parents swore that it was God’s answer to the petty...

      IAN FORD NKERAAugust 16, 2019