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Tricks for men to look younger

Feeling not so cool about yourself. Here are tricks that will leave you feeling younger and very comfortable in your macho skin.

When is comes to your beard, the details matter.
When trimming their beards, most guys just take a single trimming guard and go over their entire face with one setting, then they clean up the perimeter with a naked guard. In other words, many of us neglect beard styling, and in turn overlook the various detailing options that come with many beard trimmers. If you invest in a detailing trimmer (either a device with a dozen different heads, or two separate devices—one for trimming, one for details), then you have various guard widths and lengths that allow you to add weight and contrast to the mustache, goatee, or sides. You’ve got your entire canvas in plain view—so get creative with it. .

Swap out your razor cartridge frequently and consistently.

This is a core tenet of razor hygiene. It prevents the accumulation of dead skin, hair clippings, and bacteria. It also ensures a sharp, close shave, free of dragging, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Most shaving subscription companies send blades at low cost and designated intervals, allowing customers to swap safety razor blades each time, and cartridge razors after four or six shaves or two weeks, whichever comes first. Between shaves, store your razor upright in a dry, ventilated space after rinsing it thoroughly.

Get a new toothbrush every three months.
Per hygiene standards, your toothbrush’s bristles are rendered mostly ineffective after three months of use. They are whittled, bent, and are just a few bucks to replace, so… replace them. The easiest and most rhythmic way to do this is an oral care subscription from brands who send you brush heads at the proper intervals, including a heavy-duty rechargeable brush with your first order. That way, you are not the guy who has “Buy new toothbrush” as a recurring calendar event at the start of each quarter.

Have a signature scent—or two, or three.
You contain multitudes. And while it is great to have a signature scent, there are few fragrances that work universally for all occasions. Think of what kind of tempered message you want to send to your colleagues (a timeless classic cologne seems appropriate), while you may want a vibe-ier vibe for date night (such as a sultry tobacco scent). Plus, what wears well on a warm day (florals, groundbreaking!) will not necessarily feel right at the height of cold (when broodier potions shine). For all of these reasons, we suggest a bit of nuance in your personal cologne library.


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