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“If you are not wearing wide pants, you are living in 2017”

Real Homie says he had a following on Facebook since 2018 but TikTok has given him his breakthrough. PHOTOS/TONY MUSHOBOROZI

You have probably never heard of him because he literally just arrived on the scene but also probably because you are too busy chasing the paper. But you need a break once in a while. You need to smile and chill out before hitting the grinding stone again. And this young renegade fashion designer is the dose you need.

Just 24 years old, Henry Lubega, aka Real Homie, is an extraordinary talent. He is as passionate and skilled a fashion designer as he is a communicator and comedian.

Over the last one month, Lubega’s name has spread on social media like a wildfire because of his hilarious TikTok videos. He is so good at fashion that he breaks all the fashion rules in the most jaw-dropping manner possible. His mantra is keep fashion weird. But that is only part of his many talents. He is a bonafide comedian who makes practical jokes look so easy.

In his most popular video that has amassed more than 780k likes in one month, he gives fashion advice to anyone who might be on the way to attend customary inheritance rites. The joke is that even if you are not on the will, you may end up being chosen as the official heir if you follow his fashion advice. Then he goes on to dress up in the most comic manner possible that turns out to be as cute as it is hilarious.

In another video, he is seen advising Members of Parliament on how to dress appropriately for a plenary session. Let us just say, if an MP stood up to talk in that outfit, no one would hear a single word out of his mouth because of all the August mirth.

Real Homie with Karole Kasita and Spice Diana. PHOTO |

Lubega’s videos showcase his weird fashion sense, meticulous video editing, musical abilities and comedy. But it is his comedy that is probably most underrated. It is so deadpan that it looks as if he does not even know he is being funny. These complimentary talents have helped him capture the imagination of young people on social media and turned him into an overnight sensation.

Who is he?

True creativity comes from breaking rules but one must first master the rules before breaking them beautifully. This is exactly what Lubega does with his fashion, whether it is intentional or not. He just makes it look so easy, just like all highly-skilled people. You cannot be so good at breaking rules without being so good at the actual rules.

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