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Your life needs a hooded dress

STAND OUT: Depending on what details you add to it, this dress can easily be fitted in any setting; from casual to a dressier look.

We are going bigger with everything in this season; our dreams, aspirations and fashion choices. And to keep up with this, we have an option for clothes that have us standing out of the crowd, do all the introduction for us and get us noticed anywhere we step out. And we would strongly advise you to do the same.

Today’s recommendation is the hooded dress, and depending on what details you add to it and other accents, this dress can easily be fitted in any setting you might want to pull it off; from something casual to a dressier affair like dinner or a red carpet. Your execution of this dress is going to come down to what accessories you add to your dress, and other details such as dress length, silhouettes and embellishments.  Here is how you can make this your go-to look without breaking a sweat.

Add some cut-outs

Having the hood on your dress means your look is going to be covered up. So, to add some spice to this look, keep some parts of your look open with cut-out details delicately added to your look. You could decide to have the cut-outs on your back, arms, cleavage or thigh slit. What this does is balance out your ensemble, while allowing every element of the outfit to stand out. If you do not want a completely covered-up look, then you can keep your hood in a sheer fabric or netted detail so that you can pull off this look without being very uncomfortable or out of your element.

Go for elaborate jewellery

The idea of this dress is not for it to be your “lazy Saturday” look for errands and marker runs. It is supposed to be a statement and powerful look. This requires you to put in as much effort and match the energy with your accessories. That means all your jewellery that is elaborate, and loud such as chunky bracelets, earrings and large framed sunnies. What this achieves for you is an ensemble that is bold, well-put-together and noteworthy. And you know the best part; your bad hair days will thank you for this dress trend.

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