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Reimagining the Kaftan

Models showcase new Kaftan pieces. Photos | Guilio Molfese

Don’t you just love it when a fashion trend can be given a little spin, allowing it to move with the times, and fit into whatever fashion era you might be in? Well, the much-loved kaftan is getting a whole new look in 2023, thanks to this reimagined collection showcased by Sheba Kasaami at the most recent Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

With vibrant hues, the cuts and silhouettes on Kaftans have been made more fitting, enhanced with some intricate embellishments and made even more fun to wear outside of their usual settings.

Still colourful as always

Except for a few moments, a lot of the time, kaftans always work best when they are worn in bright and popping shades. The colour makes them easy for you to wear, as you do not have to break a sweat accessorizing the outfit.

Adding some jewellery, and a few other pieces are all your kaftan will need at the end of the day. Some of the pieces in this collection were made in ombre shades, hot pink and combined with some minty green shades, which allowed for the collection to both be cohesive, quite wearable, as there was a variety to offer.

Playful cuts

Ordinarily, kaftans are often worn in a fully covered-up style. However, this also makes it limiting for the wearer, especially if you want to have a different look each time you wear your kaftan. That is why the reimagined cuts in this collection offer a great solution and inspiration. The pieces are made with split sleeves, a cold shoulder detail here and in some cases, were styled as capes, which looked different and fresh.

If you are looking to turn kaftans into a signature look, then this would be a great way to do that because then you can wear this trend repeatedly and have a different look each time you do.

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