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Four One One

So, is Karole Kasita cooking some?

Most times, when local artistes are promoting a new project, they will go through different lengths to get the attention of both the media and the audience. Remember the stunt involving Fik Fameica and Lydia Jasmine, they were almost twining or they did?

Anyway, then there was Lydia Jasmine and Grenade, then her and Geosteady (isn’t this woman tired of the stunt already?). Anyway, at the beginning of the year, there were rumors of rapper Feffe Bussi having a situationship with dancehall artiste Karole Kasita.

This was after a phone conversation of the two was somehow leaked. They later released a song that was well… forgettable. But the rumors of their situation, unlike other times did not fizzle with the song’s short life in the light.

Reaching us now is that Kasita could be expecting. It started with a speculation during her listening party, apparently she was somehow bulging from the front. While appearing on a local TV show, of course, the presenters tried to end the speculation by asking the artiste if she was expecting.

She neither agreed nor denied; “How did we move from my latest album to this? These guys want to undress me on TV,” was all she said.

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