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Why Sipapa helped accident victim


Olive branch. Real name, Charles Olim, Sipapa is a Ugandan socialite who has earned fame from helping the needy. Recently, Sipapa came to the rescue of a one Fiona Rukundo, a resident of Kabulasoke who was ran over by a UPDF vehicle and lost her arm.


Who is Sipapa?
My real name is Charles Olim. I am a businessman and a hustler.
What type of business do you do?
Very many kinds of business but they include dealing in gold.
You recently came out and helped Fiona Rukundo who was involved in an accident. Are you related?
No, I do not know much about this girl. I just learnt her story after it aired on NTV Uganda.
Why help this girl specifically?
Her story was touching. She lost an arm after a UPDF car rammed into her. I later learnt that she did not get any financial support. It was then that I decided to offer my support. It is a shame that such could happen and no one took up the responsibility for it. I heard that they told the victim’s family that they would think about it yet her arm was rotting.
What sort of support have you been giving her?
I have been giving her Shs200,000 daily, financing her treatment costs, and bought her a car worth Shs21million. I plan to buy her a prosthetic arm and will start for her a business as well. However, I would call upon the army to also help this young girl.
What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I go to the gym because I love working out and it motivates me.
What is the first you do when you get to work?
I check on pending tasks then make appointments.
Earliest childhood memory is…?
I used to sleep on the streets when I was nine years old.
Why was that?
My stepmother chased me away from home yet my father used to love me to bits.
My stepmother felt that we were competing for attention and she used to talk ill about me.
My father took me to the village where I went to school before he returned me. I found another stepmother who denied me education.
I studied for one term at Kiswa Primary School before I took it upon myself to further my education without a place to sleep.
Where did you get the money from?
I was bright and the school gave me a bursary but I was also making some money through collecting garbage. I would spend a week or two without going to school.
First best friend?
Jama Constantino. We hustled together in the village but I had to leave him there. However, I promised to bring him to Kampala when I became successful.
Have you worked on that?
Yes, I fulfilled that promise.
Your first kiss was with…?
Sarah in 2008 but I do not remember the details.
First book you read…?
Teacher’s guide of Social Studies.
That was a teacher’s book. How did you end up with it?
I read that book because I was so curious. I always wondered why teachers were so knowledgeable. Why did they have the answers to every question? I chose to challenge myself by reading the whole book.
Every time the teacher asked a question, I would have all the answers yet I used not to consistently attend classes.
What is the first job you did?
I started as a garbage collector, then a mechanic in Kampala and when I went to the village I used to trap rats around the village.
Your first salary was…?
There was no definite figure. I used to earn Shs20,000 and above.
What did you use the money for?
I started employing other people. I used to stock sugarcane, jackfruit and gave them to my peers to sell at their schools.
Current job is..?
I am a gold dealer.
What is the best and worst part of your work?
I love what I do, so there is no worst part.
Biggest regret?
Not completing school.
You are successful. Why would that be a regret?
I was a very bright chap but did not have the opportunity to complete school because of circumstances. Yes, I am successful but, imagine if I had completed school…Best advice you have ever received…
Patrick Kulabako , my friend, told me to come to Kampala and take different chances at life. It has paid off and I am grateful to him for the wise words.

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