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‘You’re greedy’: Fans slam musician Catherine Kusasira for ‘attacking’ NRM

Local Musician and presidential advisor on Kampala Affairs, Catherine Kusasira has left tongues wagging after she ranted on social media about the way the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party led by President Museveni has treated her since last year’s presidential poll.

Kusasasira who was appointed presidential advisor in October 2019 ahead of the January 2021 presidential poll which Mr Museveni won, claims she has not been appreciated enough by the party which has been in power for 36 years yet she, among other sacrifices, lost friends and secured loans to motivate the youths to support Mr Museveni, 77, and wade off pressure from the National Unity Platform (NUP) led by former Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

In her Saturday evening rant on Facebook, Kusasira accuses NRM members of unfairness before cautioning President Museveni not to trust everyone close to him.

She says:“ I have lost everything because of my party NRM,,there is a lot of unfairness in NRM as a party..You work hard and be committed to everything in the party for the betterment but never to be appreciated. I really sacrificed a lot during the last campaigns where I even went for bank loans and started projects as a way of motivating the youths as a tactic of fighting the pressure group that had arisen (NUP).Why NRM? I have lost a lot because of you; business, friends and fans because of choosing you [NRM] as my party. I thought president Museveni was the commandant and he was always respected by his representatives but then it’s vice versa because whoever he directs to perform, they do the opposite. I have never been rewarded and appreciated for the strength and commitment I showed during that time but instead lost everything I had before..lwaki NRM you’re such a disgrace to me and to us who sacrificed everything because of you.. ..President Museveni bangi sibaano.. Those you trust will be the lead in your downfall.”

However, her post attracted mixed reactions with most fans/ followers describing her rant as a sign of greed after she got so much during the presidential campaigns at the expense of the ordinary Ugandans and other highly placed people who have supported the party.

Fellow musician Ray Supasta said:”Naye Cathy temusiima. Nga mulidde sente mu NRM gwe ne Aminah. Ki kyemutafunye bantu mwe. If pipo who have worked for NRM but have never even got a single coin could come out, you would be shocked. Just olina mululu tosiima. Naye sente z’ofunye mu NRM tozifunangako na mu music bukyanga oyiimba. Lwakuba oba mwakolimirwa!! Aba NRM bonna babageya nti muliko mmandwa sente nabo tebamanyi gye muziteeka ze mufuna mu NRM ne wa Saleh. Amina b’amuwa over a billion asuubule simanya mukene, zonna yazilya. Gwe b’akuwa sente mbu oyagala kukola company ya bizigo. Over 3Bn. Company yagwa in 6 months. Ne sente endala nyinji ze mufunye naye nga zibayita mu ngalo. Kati okaaba mbu NRM tojifunyeemu. Wano wakola video nga olina sente empitirivu n’ovuma ensi yonna nga ogamba ozijje wa M7. Baakuwa emotoka n’ojitunda. Wagula enju e munyonyo. Gattako plots enyinji z’olina nga zonna sente ozijje mu NRM. Naye mazima omululu gwaaki bantu mwe? What else do u want from NRM riyale? Lwaki muli selfish? Why dnt u advocate for hospitals to be stocked with medicine plus rehabilitating roads that are used by all of us. Mwe ever muba mukaabira sente mbu tebabawadde. Selfishness just. Cathy tosobola kumala 3 days nga tokozesezza luguudo lwa Salaama Road. Naye tosobola kulowooza ku spearheadinga  campaign to see that road put to a proper and usable state. Oli mu NRM tempa sente.”

Another fan, Afred Etyanga urged the……musician to stop lamenting for taxpayers money and start work since President Museveni recently lifted the two year virus induced lockdown on concerts and night life.

“They have opened the economy for people to work,stop lamenting for taxpayers money n get back to work nyabo,” he said.

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