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Trends into 2022

NEW YEAR: It is the first week of 2022. There are people that are probably figuring out the year and making big decisions. If it has anything to do with fashion, we are glad to guide you.

Bright colours are a go

Whether it’s the haters, or bad vibes, we are blinding it all out this year, with the fashion trend that keeps giving and evolving. Gone are the days when dark and boring hues were all the choices a man had when it came to fashion. It is 2022 and we are going big on the colour splash, because bright colours are in.

Here is how you can incorporate this statement splash into your everyday style, and win your way into the hearts of those who see you, and onto this page.

Go full on with this colour craze

I believe only those who are bold and risk takers take over the world. And with this trend, that is exactly what you are going to be doing; taking over! So, be daring and step out in this trend, but keep the larger part of your ensemble bright. You can achieve this with a suit set, or a matching set. If you opt for the latter, ensure that you go minimal on the accessories. Your outfit is already making the necessary noise, so don’t clog this further by having on a load of unnecessary accessories.

If you do wear it on your suit, ensure that it’s not worn to anything formal. Rather, wear this look to something casual, like a red carpet.

Keep it in your accessories

We aren’t all born with the boldness needed to fully embrace this trend. So, in case you aren’t the type to take such risks, you can keep the bright hues in your accessories, like bucket hats, shoes, pocket squares, and many others.

In order to pull this off, you will have to keep the rest of your look muted and undertone, so the brightly coloured accessories are getting the buzz and attention that they need. This is also the only way they will stand out and give you the statement look you are aiming for.

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