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B2C in sanitiser business

Singing trio B2C who comprise of Bobby Lash, Mr Lee and Julio have partnered with Africa One, a distribution and logistics firm to come up with sanitiser wipes with the aim of wiping Covid-19 out of Uganda. With the entertainment sector still under lockdown, the self-proclaimed ‘Kampala boyz’ believe it is their responsibility to contribute towards the elimination of the virus so that they can get back on stage.

“We are introducing Kiyamba fena wipes because we believe it is upon us to inspire the population. We were the most hit sector and we would like to get back on that stage and that can only happen if we kick Covid out of Uganda,” said Julio.

The sanitisers come in different shapes and go for different prices Shs500, Shs4, 000, Shs15, 000 and Shs30,000 and can be accessed in most supermarkets, pharmacies and retail shops around the country. As part of the partnership, Africa One will distribute the wipes.

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