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Chameleone explains why he knelt for Museveni’s brother

Over the past few days, legendary singer Jose Chameleone has received a lot of criticism for kneeling before Michael Kaguta alias Toyota.

The ‘Basiima Ogenze’ singer recently knelt before Toyota after he gifted him with a Range Rover. To many, it was unnecessary for a legendary musician to kneel after all that he has achieved in the music industry.

However, Chameleone finds this unfair judgment as he was born a free man like most people. “I was born free like any of us, I see many buildings and customizing others by their expectations. That’s not a free way to live together in harmony. God manifests himself in people today. The devil too!! We can’t all live in your opinion that is a prison,” posted Chameleone earlier.

He further asked how many people throwing tantrums came to visit him when he was down.

“Waste your data on relevancy. This is just a car. What if it was a plane? Don’t force or intimidate anyone. Just be the example of the freedom and free society promised for us one day.” As if that wasn’t enough, Chameleone has also posted a picture on his socials with Bebe Cool and captioned it ‘The God father of the Creative Industry are Alive and Kicking’.

“This wasn’t started today, Long time ago with so many sacrifices and built a remarkable milestone that has paved way for many talented youths beyond borders. We shall continue to serve with our utmost loyalty,” he posted.

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