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More opportunities for Ugandan artistes

Winnie Nwagi

Uganda has to wait a little bit longer for the opening up of the entertain- ment scene.During his speech last week, President Yoweri Museveni indicated that bars and concerts will only be opened up a er 4.8m Ugandans are vaccinated.He projected that this will be a er the end of this year.

With the wait still ongoing, luckily enough, Ugandans can access virtual concerts in the comfort of their homes, the latest oering being the Tusker Malt Conversions, due to kick o next Sunday.

The show is set to be a monthly on- line video series of live performances by Uganda’s biggest vocal artistes, delivering fine acoustic versions of their hit songs like never heard before.

This is aimed at taking the audience on a journey beyond the music, delving deeper into the artiste’s personal life, their musical inspiration, putting the record straight on controversies, perception in the public domain and their celebrity lifestyle, among a number of fascinating themes.The virtual series is being produced by Swangz Avenue.

The first episode is going to feature Winnie Nwagi, whose talents in music and life off the stage tick all the boxes for what is anticipated to be a thrilling opener. She will be performing most of her hits as well as explaining to the audience her controversies among other things.

“This is going to be an authentic and un- matched musical experience that will be unlike anything you have seen before. Fans will get to watch their favourite artistes unmask themselves in this finely refreshed virtual music lounge,”said Elizabeth Mutamuliza, Premium Beer Brand Manager,UBL.

However, not everyone will get a slot on this platform. It’s only for those who are vocally gifted, have a good story and can do live music.

This is scheduled to air every first Sun- day of the month but the duration hasn’t yet been specified.

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