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Rotarians gather for cancer

Some of the few that turned up for the Kira Rotary cancer run, mostly families. Photo/Stephen Otage

Considering the Covid-19 standard operating procedures which bar people from gathering in large numbers, members of the Rotary Club of Kira yesterday had just a handful of participants turn up for the cancer run.
According to Ivan Dodi Wesonga, the Cancer Run officer Rotary Club of Kira, the tenth edition of the Cancer run was meant to be virtual, to raise resources to construct two bankers at St Francis Hospital Nsambya.
“At the moment, Rotary is the sponsor of the cancer ward at Nsambya hospital. The collections this year, will be dedicated to construction of two bankers and radiotherapy at Nsambya hospital,” he said.
He explained that due to the Covid-19 restrictions, they could not have all their members attend the run physically but they got T-shirts from the Rotary Kampala Office, which they sold to their members, family members and residents of Kira and Namugongo to raise the target of Shs2 million that their club had been given but they surpassed the target.
“This is a virtual run like last year’s but despite the Covid situation, we still need to come together and support the cause, otherwise under normal circumstances, we should have gathered on Kololo Airstrip,” he said.
Meddie Lutaaya, the president Rotary Club of Kira, told the club members that much as they do not currently have specific projects dedicated to cancer, the club members should always support cancer initiatives because construction of the banker in Nsambya hospital, is a big annual event on the Rotary Calendar.
“We have projects on child health, youth, adolescent and maternal health but the cancer run is a big activity,” he said.

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