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I was conned Shs500m – Naira Ali

Naira Ali

Naira Ali is one of the artistes whose music career never escalated the way it should have. With her talent, you would have expected her to be in the same league as the Sheebahs, Spice Dianas and Winnie Nwagis but that didn’t happen. Furthermore, she didn’t quite make a lot of money even with some hits under her belt and she has realised that now.

The “Sinze” artiste who decided to settle in the US, has opened up about how her naivety cost her Shs500m. Yes. Naira Ali lost Shs500m because she didn’t understand digital space.

“For the five years I have been doing music, someone has been reaping off my sweat. I was told by my lawyers that whoever has been in control of my music online took Shs500m all in the name of uploading my music,” Naira Ali said.

She only realised this recently while in the US and from the experience, she has decided to reorganise her music.

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