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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Forget the glitz and glam: Media is a service


Mildred Tuhaise-Media Personality

If I could erase anything from my memory, it would have to be…

The memories of losing loved ones. It is very painful and unbearable and every thought of it is traumatising.

The proudest moment in my career has been…

Putting leaders to account for policies and actions taken. Leaders showing remorse for wrongs committed is more satisfying. But it is not common.

A let down in my line of work would be…..

Poor communication.  I am a meticulous person and I pay attention to detail. I do not want to have a messy product or substandard delivery because of gaps that would otherwise be avoided.

If I were a fashion icon, the fashion trends I would stick to are…                        

Any trend that guarantees comfort and is not too revealing would work perfectly.

The turnaround moment for me in my career was…

The 2016 general elections.  Many people up to now keep asking me whether I ever slept between polling and declaration day. But I always tell them that for particular days I expect to be hectic, I set my brain to be ready for the worst. It was a turning point because that time many people were watching, there was great exposure for me but also the first ever graphical and statistical technological representation of results left many yearning for more. I believe it was the best selling point for me as a journalist.

The best way to express love in my opinion is…

Through actions. The Bible says faith without action is dead and so is love. Action does not necessarily mean spending lots of money to buy gifts. Simple things such as a little public display of affection (for those that love it), hugs, supporting your partner in what they do shows that you have their best interests at heart.

My thoughts on sharing my phone password…

I am okay with it. I am an open person who believes in transparency. As a matter of fact, he knows my phone password, my ATM pin, my mail password and all because I believe there is a time when knowing them will solve a situation.

If I could turn back time I would change…..

Nothing. I believe in drawing lessons from the past for the better.  The past helps you decide the present and the future. It is only a fool who would expect a difference in future while still acting the same way they did in the past.

The best moment while going live on air is……

Having to say a prayer and speaking to a loved one. For you to deliver well on air, you need to be in the best state of mind. You can force a smile but it will only be for a while. Actually people close to me always read my mood on air, however much I try to fake it.

A word to women hoping to join the media is…..

It is not about the glitz and glam. It is a service. Know your worth because the temptations in the field are immense. You need to have values you stand for. Above all, be a go-getter and do not settle for less.




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