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Second lockdown revives beernow website

Partying from home just got easier. The lockdown is upon us once again but despite bars remaining closed, Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) has done its best to make it easy for its consumers to easily access its products.

You probably have heard of beer now or even used it before as the service was first launched during the first lockdown Uganda in March 2020. NBL customers would log into the Beer Now website, place their orders and have their favourite brands delivered to their doorstep.

As time went by, the lockdown was eased and so consumers were able to access their favourite drinks at nearby stores.

With Uganda experiencing a second wave of the pandemic pushing us back to a 42-day lockdown, beernow has been revived as NBL aims at keeping Ugandans safe. In order for one to get their favorite brand delivered by their door step, they have to visit the beernow website, confirm their age and browse through to select their orders.

The beauty about it this time round is that it comes with free transport for those that buy a full crate or more as their orders will be delivered in less than 60 Minutes. It should be noted that the minimum order one can place are 10 bottles and for such orders that are less than a crate, the customer has to pay between 3,000 to 5,000 transport depending on their location.

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