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Simba Sounds band lights up Tanqueray Easter Brunch

It’s been the 2nd Easter in a row without massive celebrations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People’s movements are limited and they don’t spend the four-day holiday the way they used to.

The organizers of the Tanqueray Easter Brunch that happened at Serena Hotel on Sunday was the perfect way to celebrate Easter and it came with oozing entertainment, lots to eat, and more to drink.

Simba sounds band was in charge of entertaining people and they did a great job at that with their melodic tunes that got the audience entertained the whole evening. The band kept it mostly continental and played a variety of song covers ranging from South Africa, Nigeria, and Uganda like Davido’s, ‘If’, Burna Boy’s ‘On the Low’, and Afrigo Band classics among others.

“We are happy to be a part of the Easter celebrations for these families. Today has been beautiful, everyone enjoyed themselves and the turn up has been amazing!” beamed the lead vocalist, Rachael Senkebejje, Simba Sounds.

The brunch saw guests get more comfortable with light conversation amongst themselves all around the restaurant.

The exotic buffet fiesta that happens once every month saw over 200 guests flocking the Lakes Restaurant at the Kampala-based hotel for a fully satisfying, mouth-watering meal accompanied with premium gin cocktails and other delicious sweet assortments.

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