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The more the merrier: Rema surprised by husband with inlaws for her birthday celebrations

Singer Rema Namakula’s will be adding yet another year to her age come April 24, 2021. To celebrate this special day, the singer and her family decided to travel out of the country for a vacation.

Earlier today, the ‘Ekyama’ singer shared a video on her social media pages in the company of her husband, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, and their daughter Aamaal at the airport.

Little did the songstress know that there was more to this trip than just her, daughter and her husband. Hamza surprised her by inviting her in-laws and her very close friend Evelyne Namulondo on the trip. The singer was in utter shock when she reached the waiting lounge at the airport and they were the ones that welcomed her amid cheers.

Rema who had no clue that she would be traveling with her in-laws and her friend on a trip overseas to celebrate her forthcoming birthday was surprised that turned emotional and, in disbelief, shied away from the cameras.

The excited singer then took to her social media platforms and shared the update with her fans as she thanked her in-laws for loving her. “When I prayed for family…..I didn’t know what Allah had in stock for me..???

As always…I thought I was traveling with my husband and our Aamaal…..Had no idea that my sweet  husband and wonderful inlaws had planned to travel with us for my birthday gateaway….Everyone starting with my awesome Nazaala….My beautiful sister’s in law plus their little children ????????

Ya Allah I’m forever grateful ?????,” she posted.

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