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Spice Diana speaks about her love life while in Tanzania

Despite being linked be dating a couple of men in town, Spice Diana has never been open about her relationship. The singer who is quite an inspirational figure for most young girls who look up to her because of her personality, fashion, achievements, and so many other things must be tired of the “who are you dating right now” question when she is in an interview.

While in Tanzania, Spice Diana made an appearance on Wasafi FM for a one on one interview with the switch show with the King of interviews, Lil Ommy.

“So who are you seeing right now?” he casually asked during the interview. Spice Diana replied “I am seeing you,” before she burst into laughter.

The presenter then rephrased the question and asked the singer who she is dating right now. “Oh that, I love my private life to stay private because when it goes out to the public, one can never handle that, “she responded.

Before however, the singer has given hints on who she can and can’t date and who her ideal man is. She once said that she cannot handle a relationship with a man in showbiz.

She reasons that based on her capabilities, she can’t handle the pressure that comes with such a relationship.

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