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It’s a win-win for rugby fans this weekend

Rugby fans enjoying a game

This weekend Rugby fans will leave the grounds happy whether their team has lost or not.

The Nile Special Stout Rugby Premier League returns this weekend with the Heathens will face Warriors at 2:00 PM at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds.

The real deal however is that 200 Rugby fans will enjoy a free Nile Stout beer during the weekend’s games at Kyadondo and other rugby grounds this weekend. As has always been, the official sponsors of the rugby games, Nile Special Stout will once again give back to the rugby fans except that this weekend the fans will enjoy free beer. Each of the first 200 fans will get one Nile Special Stout at the games.

In the next game, the Hippos will face Kobs in Jinja at 3:00 PM before three more clashes between Buffaloes and Pirates, Rhino and Impis, Rams and Mongers kick off at exactly 4 pm at Kyadondo, Jinja, Legends, and Makerere.

The sponsors are also giving away instant goodies for those that purchase, after enjoying the free kick-starter.

To spice the games up, for the past four weekends, they have been giving away a free bottle to hundreds of fans. All one had to do was walk to the Nile Special Stout counter and ask for it.

Saturday 17th April fixtures;

3:00 pm Hippos vs. Kobs – Jinja

2:00 pm Heathens vs. Warriors – Kyadondo

4:00pm Buffaloes vs. Pirates – Kyadondo

4:00pm Rhinos vs. Impis – Legends

4:00pm Rams vs. Mongers – Makerere

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