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Fashion Revolution expo returns with Garden of Eden 


Despite the entertainment industry suffering a hard blow for a year now, sectors like fashion are beginning to pick up, with the Fashion Revolution Expo championing the recovery.

After a successful second edition last year, the expo will now take models, designers and some of the rarest outfits to the beach, in this year’s third edition dubbed Fashion Revolution Beach Expo scheduled to happen on the 5th of April, something that gives fashion enthusiasts some plot for Easter Monday.

Because Covid is still with us and the government not having fully opened the economy, the show will be largely virtual, a handful of revelers at the venue who will be fed with not only fashion and designs, but soothing music from top saxophonist, Joseph Sax.

According to Vivian Nakiwala, commonly known as Vivianna Zoe-Girl, the Founder of Fashion Revolution Expo, they are more than excited to host the first episode of the third edition of the fashion revolution Expo. She adds, “The show is themed “The Garden of Eden” which is intended to foster extreme creativity and art, talent and skills among young, passionate and artistic designers.

The theme also suggests that revelers will be treated to an experience of Garden of Eden brought to life, through the designs to be donned by models, something that should intrigue minds of many fashion diehards.

The expo will comprise of a runway session with creative fashion presentation highlighting designers’ collections with inspiration drawn mostly from ancient fashion, and the greenery environment from Uganda and the beauty of it, as well as youth and female empowerment,” says Vivianna

The cause for this edition’s theme is to promote nature conservation and environmentalism.

Launched in 2019, The Fashion Revolution Expo is a movement that supports, develops, promotes and establishes people in arts and fashion by giving them a platform to reach global markets.

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