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Teacher Mpamire pens another endorsement deal

Mendo Herbert Ssegujja aka Teacher Mpamire signs the contract

Mendo Herbert Ssegujja aka Teacher Mpamire is a happy man after he landed another brand endorsement deal adding to his growing portfolio.

The latest company seeking to use him to market their brand is Kikuubo Online. It has been in operation for close to two years and has grown exponentially in the online store category with competitors like Jumia and the new entrants Glovo.

Kikuubo Online which begun as an online wholesaler with their catchphrase, “bringing Kikuubo to you” has since morphed into or introduced retail or online supermarkets.

They have quickly bridged the gap between the last mile customer and the manufacturer by bringing “Kikuubo” to their doorstep through the elimination of inconvenience, time wastage, selling at competitive and transparent pricing for all.

“Our target market is individuals and households who find it difficult to pass by the supermarket every other day. Kikuubo Online is making it convenient for consumers who regularly visit the supermarket to have their daily supermarket shopping cart delivered to them at their doorstep and we believe in having fun while we do our work at Kikuubo Online. What better way to get the word out through satire, comedy, and fun?  While you laugh at the comedy, the marketing message gets lodged into your sub-consciousness. We believe we have chosen the right brand ambassador and we are glad to be associated with Teacher Mpamire,” said Paul Muyobo, Kikuubo Online’s Marketing Manager.

Ssegujja who is excited about this endorsement is also the brand ambassador of Betway Uganda.

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