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Stay out of people’s uteruses – Lucky

Lucky Kanyomozi was a furious woman a few days ago when she watched a TV presenter ridicule an artiste on why she doesn’t want to give birth.

“I was watching a show online where a female host asked her guest why she doesn’t want to give birth. I found this quite disturbing because you can never know what a person is going through,” she said.

The radio presenter added that often they ask women in their circles such questions without knowing what could be going on in their lives. “May be they have been trying for a while and things are just not working out or they could have had multiple miscarriages and they are taking a break. The stress that goes on in a woman’s life who is struggling to get pregnant can be unbearable.”

She later advised people out there to try and stay out of people’s uteruses. Yáll heard!

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