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Nince Henry bashed over his suicidal thoughts

Nince Henry

Singer and songwriter Nince Henry a few hours ago went to his social media platforms and announced that he is going to commit suicide this evening.

“Ngenda Ngenda Kwetta leero! Kilo Kyaleero!” translated as “I’m going to kill myself. This evening.”

This post has caused a lot of argument among his followers and the general public with some people saying the statement is just for promotional purposes as he has a new single titled ‘Killer Potion’ that he is trying to push.

Much as he has gotten feedback, some people have just decided to bash and create several memes. One person came out and asked where the busses heading for his burial will be so that he’s not late. While others just posted RIP.

“RIP, say hello to Satan when you get to hell!” another posted while Namulondo Mirriam said “Taata yamba kidney yo ojiwe baby waffe Evelyn Lagu bambi, don’t waste valuable things like kidney, blood, heart bya dying with them, give donate them to those who are in need of them plizzz. Kati awo nebwoofa mba sikulinako tabu kubanga fena lyekubo.”

The post was however pulled down after a few hours. We guess the pressure was too much for him to handle.

Nince Henry is considered one of Uganda’s best writers known for songs such as ‘Birowoozo’, ‘Akamwako’, ‘Minzani’, ‘Oli Wange’, ‘Omukwano Gunyuma’, ‘Ekikunyumira’, ‘Buyonjo’, and ‘Kisumuluzo’ among others.

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