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Does Bebe Cool have a point?

Over the weekend, Bebe Cool was among the panel on a political talk-show on Next Radio. You may be wondering why he would be hosted on such a show yet he’s not a politician but the topic they were discussing required someone in the arts industry to dissect.

Bebe was the perfect person to comment about how Covid-19 affected the industry and what the government needs to do about this whole situation.

Bebe said that through the pandemic, he had to use all his savings because the situation was tough. They were not working yet they had to spend. He also said that the government needs to open up the industry because people are not going to die of Covid but are now going to die of hunger and that people have switched jobs from music to being thugs.

On helping out the industry, the Gagamel CEO said the government should give a stimulus package to help the music and sports industry as it’s the only way to boost those two fields.

“The President needs to wake up and directly engage the people affected. The President is concentrating on safety but some people won’t return (economically),” he stated.

Lastly, he asked for the industry to be freed because the entertainment industry can abide by the SOPs, and because of the flexibility they have, the industry can work during the day which will enable people to get food.

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