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I regret listening to many opinions – Pia Pounds

Pia Pounds

Upclose. Pia Pounds, real name, Tracy Kirabo is an artiste. Her songs include Taala, Bintwaala, Kibeera Kyo,Byompa and Sili Muyaaye. Isaac Ssejjombwe sat her down for an interview.

First thing you do in the morning is…
I check my phone clock to see if I have woken up at 7am or not.

After that..?
I pray and then look at myself in the mirror for hours.

Why hours?
I am a woman and I have to make sure I look stunning.

First thing you do when you get to work?
I work from anywhere, the idea is to say hello with a smile to anyone my eyes meet with.

Earliest childhood memory?
My dad and I rowed a small boat. I guess that is why I love water bodies.

How old were you then?
I was about three years old.

First best friend?
Amulen Debby… she is a good soul. We were always there for each other.

First kiss…
Just know the guy forced the kiss. I did not want it in the first place.

Do you mind telling us the whole story?
No, that is one story I would not want to get into.

First book you read?
The Mayor Of Casterbridge , a novel by Thomas Hardy. It was on my uncle’s bookcase and I was in Primary Five.

First job?
I worked at Ntake Bakery.

Which department?

First salary?
It was Shs11,000 per night shift.

What did you use your first salary for?
I bought an Oxford mathematical set.

Your current job is…?
Artiste, entertainment business entrepreneur.
When I’m done with school, I will probably focus a lot on entertainment law.

What are you studying and where?
Business Administration at International University Of East Africa.

What do you like about your job?
I am my own boss. Pressure is on me to be productive. I do not have an eight-hour restriction or a fixed salary. I work on my terms. How beautiful!

Most memorable experience?
As an artiste, my performances when people know the lyrics of my songs. Can’t rub that from the memory.

Biggest regret in life?
Listening to what people say. I listened and even obeyed. I cared so much about their opinion of me, I almost forgot what I thought about myself. It is poisonous not to know what you want and who you truly want to be. Freedom begins in the mind, when nobody else has control over it but you.

First thing you do before you get on stage?
Pray. Please God, no throwing bottles at me, I beg.

What is the worst part of your work?
Opinions. Everybody seems to know how you should handle yourself, your career, your dress code, even your personal business. You just do you, folks got opinions.

Favourite food and why?
I am a foodie, get me chicken in any recipe, I will devour it.

What music are you listening to now and why?
I am listening to My Ep…Tupaate. It is great, check it out on any online music store.

Quick notes…

First crush…
John Cena, an American wrestler
Why? Because he is muscular and charming.
Hobbies..Music, cooking, travelling and reading.
Best advice ever received…
I always tell myself that confidence is the best accessory on any personality.

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